Miro Video Converter & Miro 3.5

Miro, the open source video player, recently released version 3.5 and the new Miro Video Converter. Miro 3.5 includes a media converter that allows you to convert videos into the best formats for display on iPhones and Android devices. Miro 3.5 also updated subtitle display to give you options for the best display for you. If you don’t want to download Miro 3.5 you can choose to download just the Miro Video Converter to convert files to formats for iPhone and Android display.

If you’re unfamiliar with Miro, watch the video below for a brief introduction and overview.

Applications for Education
Miro is a great way to download videos to use offline. If you work in a school that blocks most video sites, Miro is a good application to have installed on your laptop. You can download videos within your Miro player in a place where you can get on the Internet and then play them back at any time regardless of Internet availability. The mainstream media channels on Miro provide thousands of videos relevant to all content areas. 


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