A Great Way to Learn About National Parks

Fotopedia is a visual encyclopedia that matches high quality images to Wikipedia articles. Recently I received a press release about Fotopedia’s new iPad app featuring US National Parks imagery. The iPad app is not free so I didn’t pay much attention to it, but it did get me to explore the free National Parks images on the Fotopedia website.

US National Parks is a Fotopedia project containing more than 4000 quality images and 1200 articles about US National Parks. You can browse through the project or refine your browsing to a specific national park or to a state. Each image is accompanied by an article related to the national park and or feature of the national park in which the image was captured.

Applications for Education
US National Parks on Fotopedia could be a great resource for students to visually explore US National Parks. Some of the images in Fotopedia are Creative Commons licensed so your students could reuse them in their own multimedia projects about US National Parks.

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