Android App Inventor Is Now Open to Everyone

This summer Google launched App Inventor for Android to a limited number of early adopters. App Inventor for Android makes it possible for people without any coding skills to develop applications for Android-powered phones. Now App Inventor for Android is open to everyone to try in Google Labs. Labs is the place where Google launches products that are skill in development but can be used by those willing to accept that there might be some bugs.

App Inventor for Android is a drag and drop program for developing Android applications. Even if you don’t have an Android-powered phone, you can still develop an application using the emulator built into App Inventor for Android. App Inventor for Android provides detailed step-by-step directions for building your first application. Watch the video below to see the App Inventor in action.

Applications for Education
App Inventor for Android is an exciting development for educators and students. Teachers and students can develop mobile applications to exactly match the needs of their courses. 


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