News Map – Find World News by Location

A few weeks I shared the news mapping service Mapeas with you. Not long after that Mapeas hit a technical glitch, but I’m happy to report that it is fully functional again. Tonight, I’d like to share with you another service that helps you locate world news stories by location. News Map is a relatively simple mash-up of Google Maps and Yahoo News. To use News Map select a region from the tabbed menu then click on a country to see a list of current news stories. For some larger countries you can further refine your search by state, province, or city.

News Map was included in a Make Use Of list of news maps.

Applications for Education
News Map and resources like it can useful for providing students with a variety of perspectives on world news and a variety of stories. You could have students use News Map to compare the ways the same story is reported by media outlets in different parts of the world.

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