Computational Thinking Lessons from Google

Through Dan Meyer’s blog I just learned that Google has recently released dozens of lessons for exploring computational thinking through the use of Python programming. Now if you’re wondering, “what the heck does that mean?” don’t worry, I wondered the same. But since Dan Meyer is one of the people in the edu-blog-o-sphere that I have great respect for, and since he wrote one of the lessons, I had to investigate exploring computational thinking through Python. Python is a programming language. Exploring computational thinking through Python is a series of lessons in which middle school and high school students use Python to try to put mathematics and science concepts to use.

Applications for Education
Exploring Computational Thinking is a series of lessons for designed to help middle school and high school students explore mathematics and science concepts. Google developed these lessons to use Python. As Google states in their Teacher’s Guide Introduction to Python, the reason for using Python is, “A computer program gives students the opportunity to directly apply the algorithms they learn in class and provides them with a tangible reason for using variables rather than specific numbers in math.”

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