Strip Generator – Drag & Drop Comic Creation

Strip Generator is a free tool for quickly creating comic strips that was recently featured on Mashable. Strip Generator allows anyone, even people who claim they can’t draw, to create a good-looking black and white comic strip. To create a comic strip all you need to do is select the number of frames you want then drag characters and objects into those frames. The menus for characters and objects are fairly extensive. Once you’ve selected a character or object you can adjust the size to fit your scene. Adding text is a simple matter of selecting a speech bubble and typing text. When you’re happy with your comic strip you can save it online, print it, or embed it into your blog.

Applications for Education
Strip Generator could be a handy little tool for having students create short stories. Students could create short creative stories or short nonfiction students. One of the things that my special education students will be doing later this semester is creating short comics about daily life on 19th Century homesteads in the western United States.

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