My Brainshark – Easily Narrate and Share Presentations

My Brainshark is a free service offered by Brainshark for easily narrating and sharing slide presentations online. Here’s how it works; upload a slide presentation that you’ve created then use your computer’s microphone to record your voice over each slide. If you don’t have a microphone My Brainshark provides a phone number that you can call to create a voice recording. A new feature of My Brainshark allows you to have a background sound track as well as a narration track. Watch the My Brainshark demo that is embedded below to learn more.

Applications for Education
My Brainshark could be very useful creating lecturecasts to post on your course blog or website. If you decide to try lecturecasting try building assignment prompts into it. I recently made a lecturecast for one of my classes to watch on a day that I was going to be out of the classroom. After every three slides I included a short assignment that students had to do before watching the next section of the lecturecast. This broke-up the lecturecast into shorter, easily digestible sections.

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