Braineos – Flashcards and Custom Quizzes

There is no shortage of flashcard and quiz services on the web. Braineos is a newer entry into that market that you might want to take a look at. Braineos provides users with a platform to create their own flashcards or study flashcards created by others. Braineos provides users with four ways to study their flashcards’ contents. Users can study through traditional flipping of cards (question then answer) or flipping cards in reverse (answer first, question second). Users can play a game called Papilio based on the content of their flashcards. In Papilio players zoom through scenes gathering correct answers as they go. Finally, users can take multiple choice quizzes that are generated based on the content of their flashcards.

You can use Braineos by signing-in with a Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or Google Account.

Applications for Education
Braineos, like many similar services, offers students an easy-to-use platform for studying facts and definitions. One of the things that I like about Braineos is that students have a handful of different options for using the service without having to create yet another user name and password that they have to remember.

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