Brain Nook – A Virtual World for Math & Language Arts

Brain Nook is a virtual world in which students can practice their mathematics and English skills. Brain Nook provides students with a series of scenarios that they have to resolve by answering mathematics and language arts questions. The first scenario presented to me when I tried out Brain Nook required me to earn coins to buy materials for a vehicle that I would then use to explore one of the virtual worlds. I could earn coins by answering questions correctly. Brain Nook presents students with questions based on their skill levels which is determined by a quick pre-assessment and adjusted as they progress through Brain Nook’s virtual worlds. 

To use Brain Nook a parent must confirm the creation of a child’s account. Parents also have access to a “parent report center” where they can see what their children have been doing in Brain Nook. Most of Brain Nook is free, but there are some premium features that you can elect to purchase.

Applications for Education

Brain Nook could be a fun environment in which they can practice their mathematics and language arts skills. The parent center is useful for parents who want to keep track of the progress their children are making.

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