Semantifi – A Search Engine for Data Sets

Semantifi is a new search engine and host for data display tools. The basic idea behind Semantifi is to help people locate data sets and view those data sets in charts and graphs. Right now Semantifi is focused on government and economic data.

Here’s how Semantifi works. Enter a query in the search box (Semantifi will offer suggestions too) then select a search result. When you open the link in the search result Semantifi will open the data set in a graph and or chart display that makes the data easy to read. For an example of a results display see the results of my search for Civilian Unemployment Rates.

Semantifi offers application developers the opportunity to create and publish data applications. When you search Semantifi some of the results may lead you to data displays developed by third parties.

Applications for Education
Semantifi could be a good resource for quickly locating data sets that you and your students can use in mathematics lessons and or social studies lessons. Use the data set displays with social studies students to kick-off a research assignment about the causes of unemployment, migration, or changes in the consumer price index. In mathematics use the raw data to have students calculate changes over time.

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