EduFire Flashcards – SAT Prep and More

Update September 2022, the service featured in this post is no longer available. 

EduFire is a tutoring service offering live video lessons. I didn’t give EduFire much of a look in the past because it does charge students for the video lessons. I just took another look at EduFire and noticed that they do have a good selection of flashcards that students can access for free. There are many decks of flashcards designed for SAT and other standardized test preparation. Students can also access flashcards designed for developing and practicing foreign language comprehension.

Applications for Education 
The EduFire flashcards, like most online flashcards, provide students with instant feedback by which they can gauge their knowledge of a subject. The SAT prep flashcards are worth sharing with students who are taking the SAT this spring.

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