WackWall – Build Your Own Social Network

Through Kelly Tenkely’s excellent blog I recently learned about WackWall. WackWall is a service that anyone can use to create a social network. Some of WackWall’s key features are message boards, customizable user profiles, private messaging between community members, and Facebook connect integration. Facebook connect integration means that people can sign in to their WackWall accounts using their Facebook credentials.

The free version of WackWall does set a limit on monthly bandwidth usage, but for most classroom situations that limit shouldn’t present an issue. If you have someone in your school willing to maintain a server for you, you can download and run the WackWall software for free.

Applications for Education
If you’re looking to create a small network in which you can share information and interact with your students and their parents, WackWall might be for you. WackWall could also be used by PTAs or booster organizations to connect their members.


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