Radio Diaries – Teen Reporter Handbook

Radio Diaries is a non-profit organization that records interviews with people from all walks of life for radio documentaries on National Public Radio. In addition to the broadcasts on NPR, Radio Diaries makes many of their projects available on the web. The stories on Radio Diaries cover political and cultural topics and range from light-hearted feel-good stories to powerful, gripping, emotional stories. See a list of stories here.

Watch a video overview of Radio Diaries and some stories below.

Applications for Education
Radio Diaries offers a free guide (available as a PDF or web version) for students interested in recording their own interviews. The guide covers interview principles and techniques as well as technical tips for students. Creating audio documentaries could be a great activity for history students and journalism students. After conducting interviews, students could turn their recordings into podcasts. Learn how to make a podcast in my new guide How To Do 11 Techy Things In the New School Year.


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