Constitution Day Lessons from Sunnylands Classroom

This resource is no longer available. July, 2019.

Constitution Day (September 17) is less than a month away now. Federal law requires teachers in the US to teach a lesson on the US Constitution on that day. To help you develop lessons, Sunnylands Classroom is offering a free package of teaching resources. Included in the collection is a free DVD about the 1991 case of Edmonson v. Leesville Concrete Company which effectively barred race peremptory challenges during jury selections. Other resources from Sunnylands for Constitution Day include an interactive game on the First Amendment and an interactive game about the Constitutional Convention. Register here by September 5 to have the Sunnylands resources sent to you.

H/T to US History Teachers Blog.

Applications for EducationThe Constitution Day resources from Sunnylands Classroom really seem to be targeted toward a middle school and high school audience. That said, with a little adaptation you might be able to use some of the resources with 4th and 5th grade students too.
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