Video – Mahatma Gandhi in First Film Recording

Through Open Culture, I’ve just found this video of Mahatma Gandhi speaking in a “talking picture” for the first time. Watch the video to hear Gandhi’s response to the question, “do you intend to have complete prohibition in the new Indian state?” and other questions about the future of India post independence.

By watching the video, I also discovered the Gandhi Serve Foundation. The Gandhi Serve Foundation has an extensive collection of audio, video, photograph, and text media that teachers can use for developing lessons about Gandhi and his work in leading India to independence.

Applications for Education
I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but a four years ago when I was teaching a world studies course, I made my students sit through the entire length of the movie Gandhi. I think that a more effective use of everyone’s time would have been to use some video clips such as those that can be found through the Gandhi Serve Foundation.

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