Knotebooks – Create Multimedia Math & Science Articles

Knotebooks is a neat service that allows users to create, customize, and share lessons composed of videos, images, and texts from all over the Internet. Knotebooks uses the term “lesson” to describe what users build, but I think a more appropriate description is “multimedia reference article.”

Using Knotebooks you can organize information to create a reference article for yourself or to share with others. You can also browse the articles published by others, add them to your account for later reference, and or alter the articles that others have written to suit your needs. For example if I find and article in Knotebooks about Newton’s Laws but some parts of the article are too difficult for me to comprehend, I can click the option for “easier content” and Knotebooks will change the article to meet my needs. Knotebooks is a great concept, learn more about it and see it in action in the video below.

Applications for Education
Creating Knotebooks could be a great way for mathematics and science students to build multimedia reference libraries for themselves and for their classmates. The feature that I think makes Knotebooks really shine is the one click article change that gives students instant access to easier or harder verbiage and concepts.

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