Get Priority Access to the Aviary Education Beta

Last Saturday I wrote about the launch of Aviary Education. As a thank you to me and to you Aviary has given me a priority access code to give to you. If you really want to be one of the first teachers to try Aviary Education sign up for the beta here and enter the code FreeTeach4Techers01. The code won’t give you instant access, but it will move you to the top of the list. Please only use the code if you are a classroom teacher that truly plans to try Aviary Education with your students.

Applications for Education
Here’s what I wrote last week about using Aviary’s products with students.

This year my students used Aviary’s Myna sound editor to make sound tracks for mini-documentary videos they made about the expansion of US borders during the 19th century. Roc is a relatively new offering from Aviary that will allow anyone to create music tracks. You can then take those Roc tracks and mix them with voice tracks in Myna to create an outstanding original sound track for a podcast or video.


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