Cosmetic Changes to Free Technology for Teachers

Over the last two days I’ve spent roughly 16.3 hours experimenting (read making a lot of mistakes) with the HTML behind Free Technology for Teachers. I’ve finally accomplished almost everything I wanted to do. There’s still two more things I’d like to do, but those will have to wait until my coding skills improve.

There are two major changes that you’ll notice when you visit the blog. Those changes are both right at the top of the blog in the form of a new header and new links for the RSS feed, Email feed, Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook. Click any of the icons in the new header to connect to the feeds or to connect with me. Note, if you’re already subscribed you don’t have to do a thing, you’ll keep getting the updates. I made the layout changes for two reasons; to try to reduce sidebar clutter and to improve page load speed.

If you’re a Blogger user who would like to learn about customizing your template beyond what the standard template designer in Blogger can do, I recommend visiting Blogger Buster. And if you’d like to get some new social media icons for your blog, visit the collection assembled by Justin Parks.


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