Ad-Aware Free Adds Antivirus Scan Scheduling

I don’t often write about hardware-related topics but this is one that I have to pass along because it does address an issue that all computer owners face, virus protection. The popular free anti-virus, anti-malware program Ad-Aware from Lavasoft has recently added a scan scheduler. So now rather than having to manually activate a scan of your system you can schedule scans to happen at your specified interval. If you want to download Ad-Aware for your PC you can do so here.

H/T to CNet for the news.

Applications for Education
In the fall and again in the winter after Christmas and Hanuka break I’ll have a handful of students come in with new laptops. The first thing I do after admiring their shiny new machines is recommend that they have some type of anti-malware program installed. Ad-Aware is the one that I and our tech department usually recommends.


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