Vodburner – Free Skype Call Recording

Vodburner is a free service for recording and editing Skype calls. To use Vodburner you need to download and install the free Vodburner software. Vodburner allows you to record any Skype call regardless of duration. When you’re finished recording you can edit the call by removing segments and adding transitions. Vodburner recordings can be directly uploaded to YouTube. (Vodburner is a Windows application).

Applications for Education
Skype is a great tool for connecting classrooms to each other and bringing other visitors into your classroom from anywhere in the world. Recording your Skype call allows you to reuse the conversation and information in the call. For some ideas about using Skype in your classroom visit Skype an Author or watch the following video about Silvia Tolisano’s Around the World With Skype project.

Around the World with Skype from langwitches on Vimeo.


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