Allegory of the Cave – In Claymation

Book seven of Plato’s The Republic is commonly referred to as “the allegory of the cave.” As a high school student I had to read it. At that time I wasn’t what you’d call a “literary scholar” and struggled to “get it.” Even after my teacher, Mr. Dietrich, patiently tried to explain it to me I still didn’t quite “get it.” If only Mr. Dietrich had had the following video at his disposal I might have understood the story a little better.

H/T to Open Culture.

If you’re planning to teach Plato’s The Republic in a future lesson and you are in need of more copies of the text, you can get it for free through Google Books.

Applications for Education
If you find yourself working with students who struggle to understand the allegory of the cave, this video might help them get a better picture of the story.


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