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One of my students sent me an email this morning with a link to He really like the site and thought that I would too, he was right. has a lot of good resources that students can access.

At its core is a mash-up of timelines and maps. The map allows visitors to search by location and date for people, events, and artifacts (images). To use the map first find a location then choose a range of dates on the timeline. Icons then appear on the map to represent people, events, and artifacts. Click on any of the icons to learn more about each person, event, or artifact.

If you don’t want to use the map, you can simply choose to individually search the categories of people, events, and artifacts. Select a category from the top menu on then use the timeline slider to search or simply enter a search term in the search box.

People who register for an account on can upload their own information about their families’ ancestories. Users can then map their families’ ancestories.

Applications for Education
I’m a big fan of timeline and map mash-ups because they provide students with a geographic context for events and biographies. The map could be particularly useful for a class on state history or regional history.

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