More Apps Coming to Google Apps for Education

Changes to the search results page was not the only announcement Google made yesterday that could have an impact on teachers and students. Google also announced yesterday that beginning this summer administrators of Google Apps for Education and Google Apps for Enterprise will be able to incorporate Blogger, Picassa, iGoogle and other Google products into their existing roster of applications in Google Apps. Put another way; you will now be able to use Blogger within Google Apps for Education. Click here to read the full announcement from Google.

Applications for Education
One of the reasons that some teachers and administrators are sometimes hesitant to have students use Blogger for classroom blogging assignments is that they fear that they don’t have enough administrative control. By having Blogger integrated into Google Apps for Education schools will have a little more administrative control over the use of Blogger by students. Incorporating Blogger will should also make it easier to start a new blog because you can use the same login credentials that you’re already using for the other elements of Google Apps for Education like Docs and Gmail.

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