Join 1000+ Students in a Fight Against Hunger

Tomorrow MLTI’s 7th annual Student Conference will be held at the University of Maine. This is an annual meeting of middle school students and their teachers. At the conference students and teachers will be sharing examples of teaching and learning in 1:1 middle school classrooms.

At the conference’s 1pm session 1000+ students and teachers will gather to play vocabulary game Free Rice. A special version of Free Rice has been created just to track the contributions of people playing along with the students. The site is Anyone who plays on the MLTI site after 1pm will have their scoress tallied along with those of the students playing at the conference. To learn more read Google Certified Teacher Sarah Sutter’s blog post about tomorrow’s conference. You can also read an article written by the Associated Press about tomorrow’s conference.

Applications for Education
If your schedule allows, having your students play Free Rice along with Maine students tomorrow can serve two purposes. First, your students will get to practice their vocabulary skills. Second, your students will be a part of potentially global student effort.


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