Goofram – Google and Wolfram Alpha Side by Side

Goofram is a mash-up of Google Search and Wolfram Alpha search. Enter your search term(s) into Goofram and it will display relevant results drawn from Google and Wolfram Alpha.

Goofram really shines when you’re searching for information about a topic that could potentially have a lot of numerical information as well as text-based information. For example, when I searched using the phrase, “first person to climb Mount Everest,” the result was a column of links, generated by Google, to articles about Mount Everest and a column of statistical information, generated by Wolfram Alpha, about Mount Everest.

Applications for EducationGoofram could be a good resource for science and mathematics students conducting online research. By having statistical information displayed side-by-side with text-based information students will save time as they are essentially getting a two-for-one with Goofram.

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