Edistorm – Collaborative Brainstorming with Stickies

Edistorm is a web-based service for collaboratively creating and recording brainstorming sessions. Edistorm uses the concept of sticky notes and applies it to brainstorming. You and anyone you invite to your brainstorming session can create a sticky note and place it on the blank canvas you share. If you have a lot of people working on the same brainstorming session, you can vote for your favorite ideas using Edistorm’s voting system.

To get started using Edistorm log into your account and click “create a storm.” Then a new blank canvas will appear. To the left of your canvas you will see sticky notes. Type on the note and press add note when you’re done. The note will then appear on your canvas where you can drag and drop it into place.

Watch the video below to learn more about Edistorm.

Applications for Education
Edistorm makes it easy to host a brainstorming session online. Being able to vote on which ideas are best makes it a good tool for committees or classes that need to evaluate multiple solutions to problems.

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