AutoMotivator – Create a Motivational Poster

AutoMotivator provides an easy way to create your own motivational signs or posters for your classroom or office. The process of using AutoMotivator is simple, upload an image from your computer or another website, select the color and style for your font, then type your motivational message. Below is a poster I made using AutoMotivator.

Applications for Education
AutoMotivator could be used to create motivational or inspirational posters for your classroom. Use pictures of your school, local sites, to create a more relevant poster than you can buy. In my school district many of the elementary school students look up to the high school athletes. If the same thing is true in your school district, use pictures (with permission of course) of high school athletes in motivational posters for elementary school classrooms. You could also download the files you create on AutoMotivator and place your motivational poster on your classroom website or blog.


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