Youth Noise – Find, Explore, and Network a Cause

Youth Noise is a nice web 2.0 resource for high school students to explore charitable causes and lend support to causes. Youth Noise allows users to create profiles, find information about current world events, and voice opinions on current issues. Some of the causes student can explore and support include animal rights, education, government, tolerance, and poverty.

Learn more about Youth Noise in the short video below.

Application for Education
Youth Noise uses elements of social networking to introduce students to social and political expression.
Youth Noise hosts discussion forums and debates through which students can participate in discussion with their peers. These forums could be a good way for students to share ideas about how to act locally to address the global issues that matter to them. For example, two years ago I had a student that was very passionate about animal rights issues. For her senior community service project she tried to raise money for a local animal shelter, she could have joined the Youth Noise forums to talk with other teens about ideas for raising moeny for animal shelters.


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