Spaaze – Online Sticky Notes and More

Spaaze is a free online sticky note service that offers some handy functions for teachers and students. Spaaze allows you to write notes, edit notes and reorder your notes. Your notes can be simple text notes or you can create notes that contain videos, images, or links. Use the Spaaze browser bookmarklet to add a note to your collection anytime you come across an interesting find on the web. The video below gives a good overview of what can be done with Spaaze.

Applications for Education
Spaaze could be used by students as a personal organizer. Spaaze could be particularly useful for students who don’t have their own computers and need to rely on computer labs in order to get work done online. By using Spaaze those students can create notes of what they need to do, what they have done, and create notes about the useful things they find while researching on the web.

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