ProProfs adds Useful Tracking Information

ProProfs is a free online quiz and flashcard service that I’ve mentioned a couple of times in the past (here and here). Recently, ProProfs launched ProProfs Quiz School. The Quiz School retains all of the features of ProProfs Quiz Maker and offers some additional free features that teachers should find useful.

The ProProfs Quiz School gives quiz creators a digital report card that is tracked and stored online. The digital report card tracks information about the number of times a quiz is attempted and tracks the results of the quizzes. The Quiz School also allows quiz creators to control which users can access a quiz and place a limit on how many times a quiz can be taken. Finally, quizzes created through the ProProfs Quiz School allow quiz takers to get instant feedback on their answers.

Applications for Education
ProProfs Quiz School could be a good option for creating and posting quizzes online for your students. The quizzes offer instant feedback to your students and valuable feedback to you as well. The digital report card allows you to track trending data about your quiz takers. I might consider giving a quiz to students at the beginning of unit of study and then giving that same quiz at the end of the unit to track how much my students improved.

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