NASA Brain Bites – Video Answers to Your Curiosities

NASA produces lots of great content for students. A teacher could spend many hours on the site and still not uncover all of the valuable content on it. Recently, through Eric Sheninger, I learned about NASA Brain Bites. NASA Brain Bites is a series of videos designed to answer the questions the that kids typically have about the science of space travel and the “logistics” of daily life as an astronaut. Some the questions that are addressed include “what is the temperature of space?” and “how do you go to the bathroom in space?”

All of the videos in the NASA Brain Bites collection can be viewed online or downloaded as QuickTime or Windows Media files.

Applications for Education
NASA Brain Bites is a good resource for elementary school and middle school teachers addressing space science topics. The videos can be downloaded which means that students could include them as part of a multimedia presentation about space. If Internet access in your school is unreliable being able to download these videos ensures that you can use them in class even if you cannot get online all the time.

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