Congratulations to Teachers in Oregon!

Today, Google announced that the Oregon Department of Education is officially migrating to Google Apps for Education. All public schools in the state will have access to Google Apps for Education for students and staff. Google and the Oregon DOE estimate that this could save Oregon $1.5million/ year.

As an on-looker on the opposite coast I’m a bit jealous of my colleagues in Oregon. One of the reasons I’ve heard some school administrators give for not using Google Apps for Education is concern about security. Hopefully, an endorsement from a state DOE will persuade some of those administrators to try Google Apps for Education thereby saving their schools money and giving their students and teachers new opportunities.

For those teachers in Oregon who are going to start using Google Apps for the first time, take a look at this free PDF guide I created last month.

Check out the guide in Yudu format below.

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Check out the guide in DocStoc format below.

Google for Teachers


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