Engineering Interact – Physics Games for Kids

Engineering Interact is a site for elementary school students designed by the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Engineering Interact offers five games designed to teach students physics concepts. The games address concepts related to light, sound, motion, electricity, and space travel. Each of the five games presents students with a scenario in which they have to “help” someone solve a problem. The games require students to learn and analyze the information presented to them.

Thanks to Casey Mayfield for sharing the link to Engineering Interact on Twitter.

Applications for Education
Engineering Interact is a fun learning environment for elementary school students. Unlike a lot of educational games that are simple “drilling” exercises, the games on Engineering Interact require students to evaluate information.

Engineering Interact offers teachers a resource section in which they can find the concepts and questions present in each game without the game environment. This could be helpful to teachers who are trying to plan a pre-game or post-game lesson. Engineering Interact also offers a list of external resources for further learning about the concepts addressed in the games.

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