A Brave New World-Wide-Web

A Brave New World-Wide-Web is a video that David Truss produced a couple of years ago. According to David the video is based on a presentation that he developed for Alan November’s Building Learning Communities conference in 2008. I just saw it for the first time today after seeing Dianne Krause link to it in one of her daily bookmark posts.

Watch the video below.

Applications for Education
Karl Fisch’s Did You Know? (in all of its various forms) is often played at school professional development sessions in an attempt to illustrate to teachers how different the world of today’s students is compared to the world when we were students. David Truss’s A Brave New World-Wide-Web could also be a great video to share with teachers at professional development sessions. In fact, I might be more inclined to show Truss’s video because it shows what students can do with today’s web and the advantages of education with the web versus education without the web. This point is driven home in the video with the statement, “can you teach without technology? Yes, but why would you want to?”
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