Interactive – A History of Overhauling Health Care

As I write this the House is still debating the health care bill passed by the Senate on Saturday. Perhaps in the morning we’ll have the House’s vote. For some long-term perspective on health care reform efforts and legislation in the United States, The New York Times has an interactive timeline you should explore.

A History of Overhauling Health Care begins in 1912 with Teddy Roosevelt’s plan, proposed while campaigning as the “Bull Moose” candidate, for national health insurance, women’s suffrage, and other social welfare improvements. The timeline eventually ends on March 21, 2010. Along with each summary on the timeline there are links to New York Times articles about each event on the timeline.

Applications for Education
If your future lesson plans call for a discussion of the health care debate, this interactive timeline could be useful for providing your students with a historical overview of the debate.


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