Games, Projects, and Lesson Plans About Energy

Energy Kids is a website produced by the US Energy Information Administration for the purpose of educating students about energy and its many forms. Energy Kids provides a wealth of easily accessible information about energy which students can use to play games, solve riddles, and take quizzes about energy. Some of the games students will find include Energy Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and riddles. Energy Kids also provides students of all ages with ideas and outlines for science fair projects around the energy theme. The science fair projects are available as free PDF downloads.

Applications for Education
For teachers, Energy Kids offers dozens of free lesson plans that can be downloaded as PDFs. The lesson plans are arranged by grade level. Teachers will also find a wealth of links to other sites containing resources for teaching lessons about energy.
If your students are looking for science fair project ideas, Energy Kids offers them a good selection of project ideas. Students needing to convert units of energy from one measurement to another, should find the Energy Kids energy calculator to be handy.

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