Fake Newspapers and Talking Tomatoes

Fodey is a free service that offers you the ability to create fake newspaper clipping, “talking” tomatoes, “talking” squirrels, and a few other simple animations. I discovered Fodey after seeing Wesley Fryer use the fake newspaper clip generator in one of his blog posts.

Fodey’s Newspaper Clipping Generator allows you to create a fake newspaper clipping just by typing or pasting text into a form. Fodey then creates the clipping and provides you with a code to embed the clipping in your blog or other online space.

Fodey’s Talking Tomatoes and Talking Squirrels are simple animations to which you add text bubbles. The animation then flashes through a couple of transitions of speech. The amount of text and number of animations are limited. That said, Fodey isn’t trying to promote its talking animations as a full-fledged storytelling platform. Check out my talking tomato below.
Create your own Animation

Applications for Education
At first I didn’t think much of the Fodey tools, but after some reflection I realized that the fake newspaper clippings and the simple animations could be used in a Glogster project. Students could also download their fake newspaper clippings and use them in slide presentations or as a still shot in a documentary video.

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