SortFix – Visually Sort and Modify Search Terms

SortFix is a neat tool for sorting and modifying the key terms in your Internet searches. To use SortFix enter your search just as you would in any search engine. At the top of the results page, SortFix provides a graphic interface comprised of four boxes to help you alter your search terms and, in turn, the search results. In one box SortFix lists “power words” related to your original search. You can drag each of the “power words” into one of three boxes. The three boxes are “add to search,” “remove from search,” and “dictionary.” Dragging a “power word” into the “add to search” or “remove from search” boxes will alter your search terms and your search results. Dragging a “power word” into the “dictionary” box will provide you with a definition.

Watch this video to see SortFix in action.

Thanks to Colleen Young for telling me about SortFix in an email.

Applications for Education
SortFix could be a good tool for showing students how their choice of search terms can alter the results of their searches. SortFix could also be helpful to students who are struggling to think of alternate search terms.

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