Virtual 3D Tours of the Winter Olympics

Today, Google announced the completion of 54 3D models of the 2010 Winter Olympic venues in Vancouver. You can view these models in Google Earth by selecting in the 3D buildings layer. You can also view and tour the buildings by visiting the official 2010 Winter Olympics website and selecting the 3D View tab for any venue listed in the spectator guide. You can see the hockey venue here.

Applications for Education
I found the models to be much more interesting to tour in Google Earth rather than through the Google Earth plug-in on the Winter Olympics website. By viewing the models in Google Earth I was also able to turn on the street view which provided a much more realistic context for viewing the Winter Olympic venues. Using the models and StreetView you and your students can create tours of the Olympic venues. Perhaps once the games begin you can have students create tours that include information about each sport or have them include information about the winners of various events.

If you would like some more resources for learning and teaching about the 2010 Winter Olympics, Larry Ferlazzo has started a good list.

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