Ten Features of Google Chrome

Yesterday, while I was giving an impromptu presentation about Google tools, I used Chrome as my browser while projecting my screen. At one point I opened a new tab which, of course, showed the eight most recent websites I had opened. That prompted a colleague of mine to ask “how’d you do that?” That question gave me a chance to talk about Chrome for a couple of minutes.

I’ve been using Chrome more and more over the last few months. For a few of the things that I do, Chrome is an improvement over Firefox. The speed of browsing and the handling of PDFs are probably the two features that stand-out the most for me. There are other handy features too. The video below highlights ten of those features. Although the video is a year old and there are more features now, it is still a good primer for people who have never tried Chrome.
For a short overview of Chrome you can watch this video.

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