Skribit – Gather Suggestions and Questions

Skribit is a neat little blog widget that allows your visitors to make suggestions and ask questions. The main purpose of Skribit is to ask your readers what they would like to you write about.

Getting started with Skribit is easy, just create an account, customize the look of your widget, and copy the embed code into your blog’s template. You can select the option to allow anonymous input from visitors or require users to register. You can also choose how many suggestions of questions to have displayed in your widget. Your Skribit account gives you place to keep track of suggestions from your readers.

The video below provides a nice introduction to Skribit.

Skribit was featured on Mashable earlier today and you can read more about the analytics features of Skribit in that article.

Applications for Education
I’ve just embedded Skribit into my course blog as a place for my students to ask questions. I’ll try using Skribit as a tool for collecting informal feedback from students. The feedback I gather may be useful for determining which topics I might need to spend more class time on.

Here’s what Skribit looks like in my course blog.


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