Need Storage? Get a Google Docs Account

Google has just announced a huge addition to Google Docs, more free storage for all of your files. Google Docs now allows you to upload almost all file types including video, images, and document to your account. Each file can be up to 250 MB and your total amount of free storage is 1 GB. If you need more space you can buy it for $o.25 per GB per year. Compared to buying even the cheapest 1 GB flash drives, $0.25/GB is very very cheap and comes with the added bonus of not worrying about losing the storage device.

All of the folder and file sharing capabilities that you’ve come to love about Google Docs will apply to the files you upload and host on Google Docs. So if I upload a PDF or a Word file to my Google Docs account, I will be able to share those files with anyone else that has a Google Docs account.

Applications for Education
If you’ve been wondering why you should have a Google Docs account, now at it’s most basic it provides a large supply of free and cheap storage space for backing up your files. If you’re a technology integrator that has struggled to get people to try Google Docs, this might be your “foot in the door” to show them some of the other features of Google Docs.

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