A Must-See Timeline for US History Teachers

Over the weekend, through Larry Ferlazzo’s blog, I learned about a great resource that every US History teacher should bookmark. The American Revolution Center has a fantastic interactive timeline about the American Revolution. The timeline features an easily navigated combination of text and images. Click on any event in the timeline to view a short paragraph about that event. Click on an image of an artifact in the timeline and a you will see an enlarged image of that artifact. The page hosting the enlarged artifact image also hosts a description of the artifact and, in some cases, a video podcast about the artifact. It really is one of the best US History timelines that I’ve come across.

Applications for Education
The American Revolution Center’s timeline could be used as a primer for a study of the American Revolution or as a review of the Revolution. You might try challenging students to locate, online, images of artifacts representing each event on the timeline. In addition to a great timeline, the American Revolution Center offers a twenty question quiz and a lesson plan search engine.

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