Memorize – Studying With Flashcards & Diagrams

Memorize is a neat service that offers users the ability to create and study sets of flashcards. Memorize also gives users the option to create diagrams for studying.

The Memorize user interface is fairly intuitive. To study existing flashcard sets click memorize on the homepage. To create your own flashcards click “create” on the homepage. Creating flashcards is a simple matter of entering questions and answers into a chart. If you have a long set of questions and answers you can break up that set into multiple parts. For example, if you wanted your students to study the capitals of Europe you could break up the list into three parts that would appear in sequence according to a student’s progress.

Finding diagrams to study and creating diagrams is not as obvious as locating the flashcard section of Memorize. Diagrams are buried at the bottom of the Memorize homepage. There is an existing collection of diagrams users can study or you can create your own. The diagrams are essentially matching games. Diagrams can be used for things like practicing identifying countries on a map or identifying types of plants.

Applications for Education
Memorize could be a useful resource for students as they prepare for midterm exams, final exams, or any other test that requires recall of facts. The diagram option could be very useful for students taking a course like Anatomy to practice identification.

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