Interactive from Annenburg – Elements of a Story

Annenburg Media’s offers hundreds of lesson plans and online activities you can use in your classroom. One such resource that I just learned about from Anne Marie Corrieri’s Talking SMARTBoards & Much More is Interactives – Elements of a Story. Interactives – Elements of a Story uses the story of Cinderella as a model for learning about the elements of a story. To use this interactive students select any element of the story; setting, character, sequence, exposition, conflict, climax, or resolution then read and listen to an explanation of that element of the story. After they have worked through all of the elements of the story, they can take a quiz to test their knowledge.

Applications for Education
Interactives – Elements of a Story uses a familiar story, Cinderella, which makes Elements of a Story a resource accessible to elementary school, middle school, and high school students. Although the graphics are clearly aimed toward elementary school students, this could certainly be a review resource for older students.

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