Embedding Books Into Your Blogger Blog or Google Site

After my post earlier this morning about Google Books I received a couple of questions about how to embed public domain book into a blog. Locating the embed code for the books is not as obvious as on a site like YouTube. The embed could is actually located under the “link” link at the top of the book’s page. See the screen captures below for more direction.

Make sure you adjust the height and width of the display in your html editor. If you don’t make these adjustments the book may not fully display.

The directions above apply to Blogger. If you have a WordPress blog such as those hosted by Edublogs, you may need to find a plug-in to handle iframes. (Don’t quote me on that, I’m by no means an authority on WordPress. In fact, if someone knows for sure, please leave a comment).

For those of you using Google Sites. There is a gadget for Google Books that you can select from the “more gadgets” menu.


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