Battle of Trenton Prisoners & Images of Revolution

On Thursday I ran a post about a great site called History Animated which features animations of Revolutionary War battles including the Battle of Trenton. On Friday, the National Archives daily feed served up a document that would make a good resource to use as a follow-up to viewing the Battle of Trenton animated. Return of Prisoners Taken at Trenton documents the transfer of prisoners captured at the Battle of Trenton.

Pictures of the Revolutionary War is a compilation of images about the Revolutionary War. The images in the collection chronicle the stirrings of rebellion in the pre-revolution years, the war from both American and British perspectives, and events following the Revolutionary War.

Applications for Education
The great thing about images is that they are accessible to most students regardless of their reading ability. Pictures of the Revolutionary War could be used in elementary school or middle school to have students develop ideas about the images say about the Revolutionary War. You could have students analyze images from the American and British perspectives and discuss what each artist was trying to say about the war.


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