Teach and Learn Genetics – Free Lesson Plans

Learn Genetics and Teach Genetics are produced by the University of Utah for, as their names imply, learning and teaching about genetics. Teach Genetics offers dozens of downloadable lesson plans. Many of the lesson plans available on Teach Genetics are designed to accompany the visual learning resources found on Learn Genetics. Learn Genetics features many excellent visual aids to explain the fundamentals of genetics.

One of the excellent visuals on Learn Genetics is the Cell Size and Scale interactive visual aid. Cell Size and Scale shows visitors the size of cells relative to common small items such as coffee beans and rice grains. Use the slider at the bottom of Cell Size and Scale to see how small cells are.

Thanks to Fred Delventhal for posting the link to Cell Size and Scale.

Applications for Education
Teach and Learn Genetics provides excellent visual aids to help your students understand concepts in the study of genetics. Take a look at the “Print and Go” section of Teach Genetics to find lesson plans corresponding to different topics in genetics.


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