Stupeflix Wows the Crowd

Update November 2020: Stupeflix is no longer available. 

This morning in one of my classes, my students shared short presentations about reform movements of the 19th century with those of the 20th and 21st centuries. The students had a three minute time limit in which they could present on the topic(s) of their choosing and in a style of their choosing. Most of the students defaulted right to slideshows. But one of my students decided to make a video using Stupeflix. While I did spend some time earlier this year showing kids how to use Animoto, I have not spent any time showing them how to use Stupeflix. My student who choose to use Stupeflix figured it out on her own and shared this video with the class this morning. Although there are a couple of small errors in the video, the video captivated the students in the classroom for two minutes. Next time I give an assignment in which the students can pick their presentation format, I think we’ll see more Stupeflix videos. 

The following is from an earlier review of Stupeflix
Stupeflix is a service that allows user to quickly and easily create video montages using their favorite images and audio clips. In many ways Stupeflix reminds me of Animoto, but there are a couple of differences that are worth noting.

Stupeflix allows users to drag and drop their images into the sequence that they would like the images to appear. Adding text to the images is easier in Stupeflix than it is on Animoto. Stupeflix offers only one default soundtrack so you have to upload your own audio clips. That said the advantage of Stupeflix is that you can use more than one audio clip within the same video. 

Applications for Education 
Stupeflix is a good tool for students to use to create video montages of images. Stupeflix is a good alternative to old-style, boring slideshows. The captioning and editing tools are easy to use which makes Stupeflix a tool that most students above age 10 could use. 

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