– Independent Learning Platform is a free service designed to help you learn languages, mathematics, and history independently. At it’s most basic, provides a flashcard-like service for learning languages, learning formulas, and learning facts. You can hear the flashcards read to you, read the flashcards, and play games based upon the flashcards you’re studying. takes the flashcard concept a step farther by offering a personalized repetition schedule based upon what you’ve learned and what you haven’t yet learned. The schedule adjusts each time you revisit your account. Watch the video below to learn more about how the system works.

If you want to take you’re learning on the go, offers iPhone apps. orginally launched in Japan as a language learning system and has grown to include other content areas. They have plans to include content from places like MIT’s OpenCourseWare in the near future.

Applications for Education could be a good way for students to supplement the content they’re learning in your classroom. For example, the Spanish resources that I previewed could be great study aids for high school students learning Spanish. also looks to be a good resource for students who have an interest in a particular topic when a course on that topic is not offered by their school.


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